On the shores of paradise in the Kingdom, gorgeous singles meet and mingle. Single Wukongs and Diamond Baepes who have found their partners during the 4-week event will get to breed the next generation of Wukongs. The first ever dating virtual-reality show in the NFT space, brought to you by Monkey Kingdom!

How to Play?

The breeding season will be here soon. For single Wukongs / Baepes, the Monkey King has organized a speed dating event for them to mingle and match!

  • There will be two Seasons, and two Rounds per Season, each lasting for a week. You can take your single Wukong or Diamond Baepe to join any time before each Season ends. You may apply multiple Wukongs or Diamond Baepes to join for each Season.
  • Participants will be given special roles on Discord, and will have 2 weeks to get to know each other. There will be social activities and fun speed-dating games!
  • At any time during a Season, participants can enter the ID of their crush for as many times as they wish until the deadline using the /onbehalf command on Discord.
  • By the end of each Round, a snapshot is taken and the result will be announced on Discord. A match is done if a Wukong and a Diamond Baepe selected each other mutually
  • Participants are allowed to change their mind and select a different partner any time before a Season ends. The matching results by the end of a Season is locked-in and final. No further change is allowed
  • Monkeys matched during Season 1 will not be allowed to participate in Season 2. Monkeys participated in Season 1 but failed to match will automatically join Season 2 for free unless withdrawing from the show by using the /send_me_back command on Discord.

Matched Wukongs & Diamond Baepes

At the end of each Season, winners are announced – the matched Wukong and Diamond Baepes. Congratulations! You will be able to breed during breeding season (i.e. Your winning Wukong or Diamond Baepe is “whitelisted” – you will be able to breed even if you don’t have a peach or a partner at the time of breeding date).

All monkeys can breed 2 times in their entire life. During breeding season, breeding for monkeys that successfully matched at Too Hot to Handle event will take up 2 slots for each monkey, giving birth to two Gen 3s, one for each partner.

How to Join?

  • The Wukong or Diamond Baepe selected to participate in the "Too Hot to Handle" event will be trans erred to the marketing wallet, and will be returned after the event
  • Entrance fee: 1 SOL + 1 Peach (of any kind)
  • If the participant failed to find a match in Season 1, he or she can join Season 2 for free - the entrance fee for Season 2 will be exempted
  • The peach submitted will be transferred to our marketing wallet, and if the participant succeeded in finding a match, he or she will be able to breed with the submitted peach’s power during breeding season. If the participant failed in finding a match by the end of Season 2, his peach would not be returned