Breeding Ground

Breeding will close on 27 February 2023 after our ETH migration.

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Monkey pairs here are waiting for their child to be sent to Ethereum

Going through your wallet, if you have lots of NFTs on Solana it might take a few minutes.


In order to breed, you will need to stake 1 Wukong + 1 Diamond Baepe + 1 Magic Peach.

Wukong + Diamond Baepe + Peach = Gen 3
  • Each Wukong / Diamond Baepe can be paired twice to breed
  • The rarity skin of the parents will be passed down (Zombie, Gold, Pink, White, Alien)
  • Once a Magic Peach is used for the pair, it gets burned
  • Gen 3 will have new utilities to be revealed later

The Magic Peach

There are three types of peaches: Magic Peach, Godlen Peach and Legendary Peach.

Magic Peach (Common)

Magic Peach


Eligible:Wukong and/or Diamond Baepe holders
Golden Peach

Golden Peach


Eligible:Wukong and/or Diamond Baepe holders
Legendary Peach

Legendary Peach


Eligible:Wukong holders

11 will be reserved for auction house and brand partners. Other 10 will be randomly dropped amongst Wukong holders.

Magic Peaches are important for both breeding Gen 3 and claiming WL mint spots.
  • Magic Peaches will be burned once they are used for breeding
  • Each peach has a "seed", and you'll find out what it does to Gen 3 later!
  • The Monkey Kingdom Breeding Table below shows the % chances of your Gen 3 rarity skin
  • If you use a Magic Peach (common), below are the % chances for your Gen3 rarity skin

Breeding Table

Wukong \ BaepesNormalPinkGoldWhite
GoldNormal50%Rose Gold100%Gold100%Platinum100%
ZombieNormal50%Pink Zombie100%Gold Zombie100%White Zombie100%
AlienNormal50%Pink Alien100%Gold Alien100%White Alien100%
  • Golden Peaches will allow your Gen 3 a higher chance to inherit the rarer skins – 70% chance to inherit rarer skin, 30% to inherit less rare skin
  • Gen 3s from Golden Peaches will also evolve to get the rare “glowing” trait which can only be found from Golden Peaches and Legendary Peaches
  • Legendary Peaches will generate a 1/1 Legendary Gen 3 – you would not need to consider the rarity skins of the Wukong or Diamond Baepe you use
  • Full details of Gen 3 will be revealed in the following weeks